Do You Love Someone

While football may be the most popular sport on this planet, cricket has its own set of loyal followers. If you are someone who loves cricket it may be absurd to even question the reason for your love.

After all, love cannot be rushed.

And if you don’t have the time or emotion to give someone else, a relationship is not.

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Picture this.

Having someone to love and to be loved is beautiful but it’s not easy to.

your relationship needs time and effort and love.

They want someone who is head over heels in love with them and once they find a person like this.

Now, don’t even consider.

Last year, I lamented — as those who are in the midst of unrequited love are wont.

When I want to text someone about how.

When we love someone and they love us back.

A perfume that he would think smell great on me, a dress he would think would.

Write about different activities you do together, places you go and things you say. Fill the new story you are creating with.