He Says He Loves Me

Infatuating Protest for a fair India – Even if these protests are necessary, significant in intensity, refreshing in form, immaculate in energy and infatuating in. How To Impress A Girl On Call Next day, I get a call from Far Productions, saying that they want me to do a cold drink. But who gave you my

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Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna says he is amazed that he made his directorial debut "The Last Color" without.

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Rohit Sharma Says He Reacts Little To Criticism, Sympathises With Rishabh Pant’s Plight – They (wife and daughter) fill me with love and happiness and I try to stay within that rather.

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Ranbir says Mishti to stay safe, and hangs up the phone. As he hangs up, Prachi distressfully asks him.

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he always says this, "You are being so kind to me. Can I ever hurt you? May God help me." I don’t know what that means though.

Farhan Akhtar turned a year older today and the most adorable for the actor came from his lady love Shibani Dandekar.


Despite a tragic family past, LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr. always had a love for football – "In my mind, my dad was so muscular it was like he was a comic-book hero. He was Superman to me. I knew he’d be able to get.

Constantly Thinking About Someone Yes, that thing from Pixar’s 2008 movie Wall-E, which people are riding, lounging in high-speeds and constantly eating. Now. It’s always, inevitably, fascinating. As someone who also goes to the gym and looks after himself (or tries to), but isn’t a. However, the climax of the film is quite tricky and many people are still