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Thinking of making the leap from a big company to independent consulting? Here is perhaps the most critical factor in winning.

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Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned upheaval of the status quo? Among the shifts and developments we expect to see in film.

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People define love in different ways. One of the most popular Bible verses on love can be found.

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Raise your hands if you share a love-hate relationship with your curly mane. The gorgeous and coveted hair texture is no.

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what is the difference between sex and making love?The fluidity of desire: Paromita Vohra’s art installation ‘A Love Latika’ – I chose Kolkata, and it did not take long to make that decision. I just followed my gut and set out.

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Her look included a strapless gown which was cinched at the waist bringing definition to her body. The tube corset was.

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