Polyamory: Married & Dating

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If you’re familiar with polyamory—even if you haven’t tried it yourself—then you’ve probably heard the term "throuple," a portmanteu of "three-person" and "couple." In a throuple, all three partners.

Priscilla Soares, 25, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, had long dreamed of getting married and having children.

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Priscilla Soares, 25, started dating real estate investor and travel vlogger.

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Q: So in addition to marrying into this super-ritzy social class, you also married into.


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Dating While Married & PolyIt Doesn’t Matter What You Tell Your Children – My daughters watched me struggle pretty much their entire lives. Sometimes I was raising them as a single Dad, almost always as a freelancer, always hustling to work the current gig and find the next.

Man A: No. Woman A: I am married and have a child with my husband.

Man A: In my previous poly relationship, she was far.

Priscilla Soares, 25, began dating US-based real estate investor and travel vlogger Stephen Bolden.

When Priscilla first.